The Ponca Tribe of Nebraska and Prairie Flower Casino are committed to promoting responsible gambling. While a majority of our guests responsibly participate in gambling activities, we recognize that there are people who do not.

We want to minimize harm to our guests and adhere to industry standards and regulatory requirements related to responsible gaming.

Here are some warning signs of problem gambling:

  • Frequently thinking about past experiences, future plans or how to get money for gambling
  • Need to increase spending to reach a high level of excitement
  • Have failed at stopping or controlling gambling
  • Become restless and/or irritable when trying to cut back or stop gambling
  • Gamble to escape problems and to feel better
  • Frequently return to “get even” after experiencing losses
  • Lie to cover up gambling activity
  • Have committed or planned illegal acts to finance gambling
  • Have problems with job, school or relationships
  • Rely on others for financial help

Here is a list of resources that you can reach out to if you or someone you know has a gambling problem: